If your in 2 years relationship with a man and isn’t productive, End it – Joro the Love doctor says

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How do You know if a Guy Is Ready to Settle Down?

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Marriage counselor Advised Intending couples over wedding planning lavish spending

An FCT-based Marriage Counsellor, Mr Olanrewaju Daramola, has advised intending couples to plan for their wedding ceremony within the limits of their resources and resist peer pressure to engage in unnecessary expenditure.... Read more »

9 strong Signs ”He’s Not a Cheater”

Based on science, at least. Being cheated on is the worst. You feel rejected but also pissed. You don’t know who you can trust. Well, scientific studies have narrowed down some traits... Read more »

Do Happier Relationships Make for Better Health?

Partners have a powerful influence on each other’s state of mind. According to a psychologist and researcher who studies interpersonal dynamics, which means that, for me, every day is Valentine’s Day. That’s... Read more »

For Guys who are thinking of proposing on Valentine’s day, this is for you

If you’re thinking of proposing on Valentine’s, this is for you.   Valentine’s day proposals are not necessarily the best.  (HowHeAsked)  For many, Valentine’s over-the-top romantic feel makes it perfect for proposals.... Read more »

Relationship talk: I have feelings for him but he has a girlfriend.

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Good News: Yomi Casual and Grace Onuoha welcome first baby in USA

 Yomi Casual and Grace Onuoha have welcomed their first baby, three months after their grand wedding in October, 2017.  Celebrity fashion designer, Yomi Casual and his wife, Grace have announced the birth... Read more »

My boyfriend is dirty and disorganized, do you think leaving him will be the best solution?

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