Is It Wrong To Kiss Your Child On The Lips?

kiss child on the lips

As a parent, there are a number of ways through which you can show your affection for your child. From hugs to snuggles and using words that express your love. But what seems to be causing a massive debate these days is whether kissing your child on the lips is appropriate.

Many people who have weighed in on this topic have presented their respective arguments. While some believe kissing a child on the lips is completely innocent, others beg to differ.

On one side are those who disagree with this method of affection on the basis that it can confuse the child in terms of sexuality. This means the act of lip-to-lip kissing is only reserved for romance and not parent/child affection. In other words, kissing your child on the lips can be considered borderline incestuous. While giving her professional opinion to the UK DailyMail, child psychologist Charlotte Reznick said that the lips are an erogenous zone and at some point, kissing children that way can become stimulating.

kiss child on lips

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Reznick’s approach is about because it propagates the dangerous idea that children cannot simply be seen as children but as sexual beings even as early as four years old. So it makes sense that not everyone agrees with her. Another psychologist who spoke to the UK Sun believes that there’s no way kissing on the lips can be confusing. Sally-Anne McCormack said, “Some people might have issues with it. But it isn’t any more sexual than giving a baby a back rub.”

Should you do it?

At the end of the day, kissing a child on the lips is a matter of preference but we also have to consider a few things as well. For instance, the age of the child. There’s a difference between kissing a baby on the lips and kissing a teenager. If you’re worried about giving off mixed signals, you may want to switch to cheek-pecking the older your child gets. This is especially important if you notice your child is becoming reluctant to reciprocate.

You also have to take your own comfort into consideration as well. Some people are just not wired to be affectionate that way. A lot of families have cultural habits when it comes to kissing and for some, even the cheek can be offensive. You don’t have to do it if it really isn’t you. But there’s also no need to attack other parents who chose to kiss their kids.

kiss child on lips

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What do you think? Is it weird for parents to kiss their kids on the lips? Comment down below and join the conversation.

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