Mizwanneka with her PA

Jennifer Okundia

Popular Instagram hair seller Mizwanneka has shared a very long post on recent happenings with her PA who fell seriously ill.

The beautiful mum of 3 revealed that when she was told her staff was sick, she thought it was just typhoid until the lady in question couldn’t breathe and had to be taken to the Lagos state university teaching hospital (LASUTH) for proper treatment.

Wanneka says in all, she spent well over N3m for medical bills and she is glad to have her PA back whom she cannot do without.

This is a very rare case between an employee and her employer, very few people could have shouldered this kind of responsibility. Read her write up below…

Okay 👌 so the past month October and part of nov has been a really trying one for me , but God came through . Those who know me , visits the store or even buy hairbywanneka knows Roselyn my PA. She’s a part of me , and trust me wen I say I can almost not function without rose as she plays a vital role in my life and that of the business .

A day after my birthday,4th of October , at night rose and others were in my house , dancing at about 11pm as I had promised to buy them iPhones next day 😁I was even on life video. Next morning , I was supposed to have a shoot for vanguard allure and she’s been getting things ready for both the shoot and Ivan’s party , I missed a call from her that morning and thing ,I saw my niece in my room , she said “Dor rose is awake o but she said she can’t see clearly and she’s very weak 😳 and I said but I just missed her call , is it my eyes she used to call me 😊 I told my neice to go and give her an energy drink .


I got up,dressed up and still went to the office with her to prepare for my day.
In the evening, nneoma came to tell me she wanted to take rose to run some test,I said u people are dramatic sha😏they went , came bk and said they were asked to come bk in 4hrs, while they were waiting for 4hrs , I went to the car to see her cause they said she couldn’t walk , as I went into the car , I was just laughing saying “this girl u like drama sha , go and buy coke and drink , ur body needs Sugar 😁 she was on the phone with some clients ,as she’s the one who handles complaints. But I won’t lie , she was sounding really weak and I was a bit worried 😔 nneoma came to the car with food to give her and started feeding her , I was just eyeing both of them and I told @suemanuell who was there with me that this rose just don’t want to work today 😁 she was laughing and tried to stand up to go ease herself and sue said “abi should I back you 😁 I left them and went inside , and I didn’t know wen they went back to the hospital after the 4 hours . Next day , at about 6am I had missed calls from one of my staff and wen I wasn’t picking up , he called my husband and he picked and my staff said they rushed Rose to the hospital.

Because she was really weak all night and couldn’t see clearly .i took the phone and asked wat the situation was, he said they need 250k for deposit before they can attend to her. And I said wats wrong with her that they need all of that money😳 and I told him to take her to my own hospital where I use, she was taken there and same amount was asked , so I just gave them and In my head , it might just be typhoid as the test from the previous day said . Later that evening , (Saturday ) I was running around for my event next day and handling things she left half way ,at about past 10pm , I drove to ikoyi to see her and she was really weak in the hospital (at the time , I had called her family to be with her and they were there at the hospital) I was teasing her and saying “shebi you told @janbyjan_ to make u 3 outfits for my own party o , now u are here , so who will wear it .


She couldn’t talk , but she could respond with her head. Next day (my event day) after dedicating Ivan ,came home to change for reception and I got a call that rose was in a bad state , I asked wat the new test said , and they said “Acute immune” and that treating her will run into millions of naira as they need a particular anti body for her treatment . I was sooo weak and shattered , ruined my makeup and lost interest in my event . Thanks to the people around me who spoke to me.

After the event , it was now clear wat was going on. I called her mom and asked that she should be taken to a government hospital, she made arrangements immediately and took her to LASUTH , those ones said her condition is an icu matter and before she can even be taken there , a 500k deposit has to be made 😳 I tot that was too much especially wen her mom said she doesn’t have and can’t even afford that money .


I told her to take her to LUTH , she was taken there and those ones said she will pay same amount for Icu but they didn’t even have bed space . At this time , she couldn’t breath on her own again , so we had to look for an ambulance with oxygen to move her back to LASUTH. Getting there , her case was now worse than icu ,so she was taken to ccu (critical care unit) everything was happening so fast .

I guess those ones where trying to scare us , so they said that 500k is for 2 days o , so they mom said “haaa Doris that’s a lot o , right now I can’t afford it , she added that the issue is not even paying the 500k , that they also warned that Roselyn’s bills will run into million 😳 ok so y are u people telling us that even before treatment 🤷‍♀️ so if we can’t afford it , we can go home with her ? I had to give them a deposit of 750k instead of 500k and told them to plz give her attention and help do everything possible to save her . At this time , Rose was already unconscious 😔brethren instagram is a scam 😁 I was useless for weeks , but I had to put up a strong face , posted pictures , did shoots and still attended to business.

Many times I broke down even in front Of people, my staff became really worried and feared for my health, (amazing team God blessed me with ) I knew I had to be strong for rose . She was unconscious for 1 whole month (if u know wat I mean ) we held prayers at the office after work , did midnight prayers and some even fasted . I said to God , plz take away my client base and give me Roselyn back. I cried and told God even if it’s the last Favour you will grant me this year 🙏 we kept running different test and scans , waiting for the day she will open her eyes , hospital kept asking for more money , and said they couldn’t find anything and that even wat they found before was not it 😳Naija my country 😁at a point, they told us to just be praying 🤷‍♀️ as they had done every test medically possible, at this point , I had paid more than 3million naira 😏and u say u can’t find nothing 🤷‍♀️ so we completely handed it to God and as God will have it , rose gradually regained consciousness and she’s doing just fine now 🙏🙏 I can’t explain how I felt , wen I visited the ccu and saw my rose lifeless 😭😭 I cried all through but I knew I had to stay strong . She’s not back to work , but she’s doing just great 🙏 thanks to everyone who put in a prayer for her 🙏 God bless u all . May he meet u all at ur point of need.

To my staff who had to over work to make sure all the clients that rose was handling got sorted , God bless u all😘😘😘😘