Letter to my mum – Actress Abimbola Ogunnowo

Nollywood Actress Abimbola Ogunnowo, the latest Bride wrote it today on her instagram to appreciate her mum ..

Read below

Before i post any picture today i will like to thank Almighty God for letting this woman be the boat that brought me to this world in peace.

Oh mummy today i am going in peace and not in pieces.
Thank you for your training’s and how you brought myself and my sibling up.
The way u raised us is the only way i wanna raise my children .
You are a good mom,a friend that wouldn’t leave you agony,
Baby i have alot to say about you buh am not saying any today because am overwhelmed.

I love you forever my mom.
I am going with your teachings of how you made your home your life for the past 35yrs.
I know you are so happy because God made the right choice for me this time and the devil has loosed on me forever.
I love you forever momma and i promise never to disappoint you.



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