Three Captivating Beaches In Seychelles

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    Anse Intendance, Mahé

    Anse Intendance Beach. Photo: AskBeach

    Breathtaking and flawless, the Seychelles star in countless tropical island fantasies. Beautiful boulder-strewn beaches, unexplored jungles, thriving coral reefs are just many of the attractions in Seychelles.

    The beaches there are so beautiful and captivating that it exudes peace and the perfect music of nature.

    This is one of the most astonishing beaches in Mahe, this small and sheltered crescent of sandy beauty is a treasured spot for surfing owing to its frequent big swells and wild waves.

    There is no protective reef hence it is difficult to swim when it is windy, but tourist will enjoy this picturesque beautiful work of nature.

    Anse Lazio

    Anse Lazio. Photo: Wikipedia

    In the beautiful south shore of Praslin lies Anse Lazio beach which is also known as Chevalier Bay. It is quite a treasure hidden on a hill. The idea of a beach on the top of a hill is so appealing that it’s worth the hike.

    There are restaurants flanking the sides of the beach and the best time to visit is in the morning, for a tranquil and unforgettable experience.

    La Digue

    La Digue. Photo: Huffington Post.

    The fourth largest island in the archipelago, La Digue is a haven for nature lovers and those seeking the experience of conservative life; bicycles and oxcarts are common means of transport.

    Stunning white-sand beaches and granite protuberance rim the coast, and beach connoisseurs will find one of the planet’s most stunning stretch of sand and sea.

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