5 Ways to Rock White Jeans During the Summer

When was the last time you saw someone wearing a pair of white jeans?

I don’t mean your best friend, or your coworker, or some random person on the street. I mean someone famous, someone whose every fashion move we follow, be she a supermodel like Bella Hadid.

It’s summertime, and instead of classic white jeans and tees, we’re living among stars in diamanté bodysuits or sometimes no pants at all.

It really seems like the days of chic white denim are behind us, lost to the era of Princess Diana in white jeans and a navy blazer and Jacqueline Kennedy in her white jeans and black tee.

But even just a year or two ago, models like Karlie Kloss and Kate Moss were still reminding us of how cool summertime white denim can be, even when worn simply with a loose white or gray T-shirt and a pair of pretty ballet flats.

I’ve found myself hoping white jeans will make a comeback this summer.

White jeans go with everything. Even the quirkier style habits of today like beaded kiddie bags. Really, everything!

Here are five ways to bring the white jean back into your life before the summer of 2018 is over.

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