Five Interesting Beauty And Spa Treatments Around The World

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    A huge part of travelling is exploring new cultures and enjoying what new places have to offer such as food, art and more. When it comes to spa treatments, there is a whole world of interesting and unique spa and beauty treatments for you to try out. Which is why we have curated a list of the most interesting spa and beauty treatments you should try around the world.

    Ila Starlight Experience at the Four Seasons Resort in Seychelles

    Hot stone massage. Photo: Therapeutic Connections

    This experience starts on the roof of the hilltop spa at 7 pm with a re-energising massage under the moon and stars with views over the Indian ocean. A fire and earth essential oil blend is applied, then herbal potli bags saturated in warmed pine, amber, and frankincense are used to relax you. The service is crowned with a glass of champagne. Isn’t that perfect?

    Real Beer Baths at Hotel U Sládka in the Czech Republic

    Beer spa. Photo: Tour Czech

    The vitamins in the beer bath offered at Hotel U Sládka in the Czech Republic is said to rejuvenate your pores and relieve tension in your muscles. The active beer yeast reportedly provides the skin with a wide range of vitamins, proteins and saccharides, and contributes to overall softening and regeneration of the skin. In the end, you are wrapped up in a fleece quilt and allowed to nap for 20 minutes as your blood pressure slowly decreases, muscle tension gets released and the body energy is renewed.

    Biopuncture Facial at Ciel Spa in Los Angeles, California

    Biopuncture. Photo: Groupon

    Better known as the Vampire Facial, it is performed at Beverly Hills’ Ciel Spa at $435 (N 156,818). Needles are rolled over the face and amino acids and serums are applied to the puncture sites. The micro-injuries stimulate collagen growth, making the face dewier, youthful and plump.

    Uguisu No Fun Facial at Ikeda Spa, Singapore

    Facial treatment. Photo: Bevel

    Nightingale Droppings Facial, also known as Uguisu No Fun or Bird Poop Facial, is a rare and effective facial treatment with over 400 years of history in Japan. It reportedly brightens the skin, hydrates it for very long periods, makes pores smaller and gives it a younger and softer look. Japanese women who used the treatment in ancient times were called “Porcelain Ladies” because of their flawlessly smooth, bright skin. This treatment is so rare that only a select few spas in the world carry it.

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