How side-chicks enjoy February 14 than main-chicks

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    Valentine’s Day

    Men spend more time and do better with side-chicks than girlfriends or wives during Valentine’s – according to a professional side chick.

    How boyfriends do more with side chicks than main babes during Valentine’s.

    A side chick has come out to explain side chicks enjoy more of boyfriends during Valentine’s, way ahead of wives and girlfriends.

    This puts a bit of dampener on Valentine’s day 2018 as February 14 approaches and lovers around the world are preparing for candle-lit dinners, cute messages, heartwarming, intimate dates, beautifully-wrapped gifts, lingerie-wrapped sex and all the sweet things that the day stands for.


    Sidechicks get more cash, better sex on Val’s day

    According to Gweneth Lee, 47, who is being called Britain’s most prolific mistress;

    “Valentine’s is the best time of year to be a mistress because you are lavished with sex and presents.

    ‘In my experience the gift to the mistress tends to cost double whatever they give to the wife, and it is far sexier.”

    What men do, according to her, is to spend the days before or after Valentine’s enjoying fine wine, excellent cuisines and ecstatic sex with their side chics.

    Gweneth tells Daily Mail UK that although  women see their spouses and partners on Val’s day and do love things that may mean so much to them, they’re only getting a watered down version of what men generally give and do with their side chics.

    “Married men may make a fuss of their wives on February 14th but they spend a lot more money on their mistresses.

    “I’ve been a wife on Valentine’s Day, when I was married to my late oil executive husband, and all I can say is that being a mistress is a lot more fun,” she says.


    Why side chicks?

    The monotony of being with one woman for so long becomes tiring and drives men into the arms of sidechics, she says.

    “Go out on Valentine’s night and you will see thousands of couples staring at each other vacantly over dinner, “ says the mistress who has had over 100 affairs with various men.

    “They have very little in common, sex has become a routine and they have stayed together for the sake of the kids or because it is too expensive to divorce.”

     For 2018, Gweneth will be spending Valentine’s with three different men – an international jeweller, a high-flying stockbroker and a powerful banker at the same time.

    Ladies, better ask your boyfriend where he’ll be all week before and after Valentine’s day!

    Do you agree with her that sidechics enjoy more on Val’s day than the main chics and wives? 

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