CCC Genesis Global Sheperd Reach out as usual to Fridau Medical bills Over 1.5M

Little Fridaus Medical bill, eyes tumor paid by Dr israel Oladele Ogundipe

Within a twinkle of an eye , things perfectly change for Adeniyi Family as the prophet of GOD intervene by paying little fridaus Hospital bills of 1 Million Naira and 500,000 to give to her to start business which they could not afford after 2 years of seeking solution.

Burning trail of the Adeniyi’s family wish was confronted by the bricks of hopelessness as they searched for helpers to help them with lasting solutions for their daughter’s (Little Fridaus) medical problem, eyes tumor.

Having discovered at the earlier stage of her medical condition when she was 3 months, a deeper root of sadness erupted when her parents could not afford the medical bill of #450,000 to begin medical treatment procedure that was proposed to treat the early detection of her health condition.

As the parents could not afford the medical costs, they let it be with the hope that it would disappear by itself in no time. However, the medical problem reinforced and grew worse than the first stage as they ignored it.

This belated realization enforced them into a frustrating pace as they moved from pillar to post to seek lasting solutions to their daughter’s medical condition that has worsened over the years.

After 2 years of seeking solutions, a friend of Mrs. Adeniyi gave an unusual recommendation that she should seek to get solutions for her daughter’s medical predicament at CCC Genesis Global by meeting the Shepherd, Dr Prophet Israel Oladele Ogundipe.

Her friend vowed, with all assurance, that anyone with a challenging situation that seems hopeless is often met with lasting hope and solution. Flash of uncertainty hit her sub-consciousness as a result of a chaotic depth of her weak emotional state and an unending search for solutions. But she, however, took a step of faith as the last resolution to seek out the God whom our Father in the Lord, Prophet Israel Oladele Ogundipe, serves.

The hint of enthusiasm laced Mrs. Adeniyi hopeless state as she resilient ensured that she met with Prophet Israel Oladele after one of the Thursday’s services. Everything changed for the Adeniyis as their daughter’s medical problems caught his attention and he vowed that the little girl shall be helped.

Prophet Israel Oladele Ogundipe’s compassion towards people, especially children, and families was reflected as he started making moves to help little “Fridaus” to be operated upon, hence the Adeniyi family’s long-awaited miracle.

Little Fidaus’ journey of enjoying her childhood has gained back its momentum as she has gone for a test and a date has been slotted for her operation. The medical procedure will cost #700,000 but Prophet Israel Oladele Ogundipe has promised to raise #1,000,000. and also give fridau mother a sum of 500,000 thousand in addition to start a business. He has raised the fund needed through his faithful congregation, both in Nigeria and in Diaspora.

Also, “Neon of Hope Foundation”, the  Israel Oladele Foundation, which is headed by his amiable wife, has not only decided to help “Little Fridaus” but to adopt her and sponsor her education up till the university level.

This news fell on a shocked parent, who could not express her gratitude but was overwhelmed with emotions. She, however, expressed that God did meet them at Genesis Global.

Being a family with the strong Muslim background, they could not comprehend how God works in an unusual way through Prophet Israel Oladele Ogundipe.

Prophet Israel Oladele Ogundipe is unperturbed by the difference in religion. He believes that God is love and He is for all. After all, he is a Prophet of God, sent by Him to the world, and to follow His mandate as he serves humanity, regardless of denominations, ethnic groups, and nationalities.

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