6 Beauty Products That Stayed on Through Sweat

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    The Foundation That Didn’t Sweat Off

    Indio, California, where the festival takes place, is damn hot. There’s no way around it. One of my biggest concerns was wanting to wear makeup that was full-coverage but felt lightweight and, most importantly, didn’t slide off my face when I schvitzed. This genius formula checks all the boxes. It’s meant to last 24 hours—I planned to be out 18 hours on Day 1—and did not budge one bit throughout said day. My points of insecurity, like redness, chin zits, acne scarring, were all well disguised.

    The Eyeliner That Lasted Through Beyoncé Tears

     On Beyoncé Day, I knew I’d need some heavy duty liner. She’s my favorite singer/woman/everything and I just knew I’d burst into tears at some point during her performance. It ended up happening during “I Care.” I was watching her alone—I couldn’t find my friends after separating because desert cell service is unreliable—so when Bey was all, “Now I’m crying and deserted baby, but you don’t caaaaare,” I started sobbing. Dramatic, I know. But! This Urban Decay eyeliner kept my eyes perfectly smoky-looking through it all. Priorities.

    The Brow Marker Even Better Than Microblading

     Brows are arguably the most important feature on my face—I look like a ghost without them. I usually use a brow pencil, but that can easily be rubbed off. I decided to try Flower Beauty’s brand new brow “stain” to see whether or not it’d hold up better. Spoiler alert: IT DID! I applied it 8 A.M one day and didn’t have to touch or think about it until I washed it off at 2A.M. (the next day). Even as someone who’s tried every brow product—including micro-blading, which faded on me after two weeks—this product seriously impressed me.

    The Lipstick I Only Reapplied Once



    I planned to eat a lot—dancing needs sustenance, y’all! If I planned to chow down on burgers and tacos and ice cream, however, I’d need a lipstick that could keep up. This creamy formula dried down matte and only needed one reapplication throughout my 18-hour, three-meals, many-snacks day. That being said, I did suffer from a bit of dryness from the long-lasting formula—I just supplemented with good ‘ol Chapstick.

    The Body Glitter That Made Me a Unicorn Convert


    While I am no fan of the unicorn/mermaid trend that took over the beauty industry over the past year, I applied this Tarte gel all over my cheekbones and my cleavage when I wore low-cut tops.  I especially loved that no messy loose glitter was involved and that the sparkles really stuck on—like, I’m still finding glitter on my body a week later.

    The Lip Stain That Quenched My Desert-Dry Lips



    The red lip has become a signature of mine and I fully intended to bring it with me to the West Coast. After wearing a long-lasting matte lipstick that left my pout a little thirsty the day before, I wanted a more hydrating formula. This Dior stain was as nourishing as a lip balm with the color payoff of a lipstick. It’s meant to last eight hours, and there was definitely a tint on my lips for the entire duration but I reapplied a couple times to get that bright red pigment I love.

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