The housemates fight over food – Big Brother Naija [Day 9 recap]

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    The girls fought over food and Lolu’s secret task is to make a housemate fall in love with him in two days: Here’s a recap of #BBNaija day 9.

    Nina and Miracle

     Have you been following the new season of Big Brother Naija? Here are some important things you probably missed on day 9.

    Check out a recap of day nine, including social media reactions.

    1. The big fight over food

    Things took a different turn and the conversation turned into a fight that eventually involved other housemates, including Alex, Khloe, Anto and Ifuennada.

    During the incident, Nina was quiet, enjoying her usual ‘romantic’ sessions with her lover, Miracle.

    2. The diary session

    Tobi told Biggie that if he could swap his partner, he would choose Bam Bam. Nina also told Biggie that she felt many of the Housemates were avoiding her.

    Khloe said she would have rather been paired with Leo over K.Brule because she feels that Leo understands her more, this has consequently upset K.Brule.

     Lol Tobi just mention right now that if he could swap his partner he will go for BamBam hahahahaha I never saw that coming. #TeamBamTeddy #BBNaija
     3. The secret task
    Lolu listening to his secret task


    The first Housemate to answer the Big Brother phone is automatically selected to carry out a secret task without saying a word to any of the Housemates, not even their partners.

    Lolu, who is the housemate this week, has been tasked with getting a female housemate to fall in love with him before Thursday afternoon.

    Lolu is making a play for either Ahneeka or Vandora.

    Lolu is at the center of some serious spice. His Secret Task is going to shift the dynamic in the House – Do you think he will be successful? The way RICO Swavey is running away from Lolu’s punches he thinks his secret task is to remove one of his eye  #BBNaija
      Lolu’s task is difficult. And will bring him out in a bad way!!
    If I were him, I’ll just fail the task and get the punishment! He’ll end up disgracing himself coz no girl will fall for you in 2days in that house, except you’re Miracle off course!!
     Lolu hitting on Ahneeka last night was so cool to watch. It will break my heart to learn that that was his secret task from Biggie.
     4. Sexual Consent

    The Housemates’ latest task is about sexual consent. Biggie has asked the Housemates to dissect sexual consent through a Radio Drama.

    Housemates such as Vandora and Ifu Ennada also shared their personal experiences on the subject.

     View image on Twitter
    View image on Twitter
    Khloe: ahan Teddy, you just dey on bed not noticing say some battery don full and they need to be recharged 
    Teddy: haa don’t put me in trouble o, I need consent first
     Biggie has decided to bring a consent task earlier in the game to avoid another Kemen incident
     5. Here is how Twitter reacted:


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