My boyfriend is dirty and disorganized, do you think leaving him will be the best solution?

I have been shattered , i love my boy friend but his dirtiness want to make me change my mind.

Hello Ronish,

 Good day. Please help a sister because i need advice , I started dating my boyfriend around june this year and he tries as much as possible to provide whatever I want, he can’t even say no to my request even if he doesn’t have but the only issue i have with him is dirtiness, i mean he’s so dirty and disorganize, if i go to his house  I’ll work like someone that wants to die, when am done like this, before you know it, the whole place will start getting scattered, he will remove cloth and throw in anywhere, he can’t take anything to the dustbin, he will just throw it on the floor until i talk or scream at him if he wants to kill me with work, the only time he looks good is when he’s going out, dry cleaner washes his clothes, he can’t wash his underwears and everything look faded with holes, I bought new ones, he will just wear and wear without washing even when there’s washing machine , am begin to get tired, infact am tired and am already considering the guy that’s as been asking me out since.

I love my boyfriend so much but his dirtiness, i like when a guy is looking all clean in and out,my boyfriend will have a running nose, he will use any cloth he sees to blow his nose and if he eventually go to the bathroom he won’t wash his hand or pour water on the thing for whoever to wash it away.he will go to the bathroom and within 5mins he’s out, he doesn’t cream, so I bought a moisturizer soap for him because I notice body odor, he will still rush out .did i say as a man at home, he can’t even fix any spoilt thing at home, he’s just not bothered or should i call it laziness apart from hustling for money. have been thinking if I eventually marry him how it will be.

I like to do my work myself so am not considering house help, i told him if I marry him and get pregnant, he won’t be able to help in anyway which is true. I can’t imagine my life then, he will be hurt if I leave him but he’s too dirty and disorganized, have tried my best or do you think am not doing something right and this now guy is ready to get settled and my boyfriend is not ready, though he said if he sees money, please i need your opinions .thank you.

Dear reader,

I feel really sorry for what you are going through I can only imagine how hurt you must be.

 I see good reasons in your write up, give him at-least two months ultimatum for a change and stop going to his house. Since u said he’ll be hurt if you leave him, let him know that his uncleanness and laziness is the reason u don’t want to be with him. See if he’ll change, when he makes efforts, don’t take over everything, let him do his own things. Insist.  if he does not change, then you can consider leaving him.

I wish you happiness, love and a pocketful of sunshine.

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